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NOVATE is the annual innovation challenge of Chitkara University. Each year we bring problems, which affect our lives and of those around us. We call upon thinkers, innovators, makers and implementers to find innovative solutions to the problems, so that we can make a small difference to somebody near us.

In NOVATE 2018 we identified various problems, which affected day-to-day environment of our University. In NOVATE 2018 we have divided the problems into two different verticals:

  • Engineering Projects for solving Campus Problems (EPIP)
  • Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)
  • We require students, staff and faculty of Chitkara University (Himachal Pradesh), Chitkara University (Punjab) and Chitkara International School (Chandigarh) to team up to find never before, efficient, implementable and scalable solutions to these problems.

    We recommend that teams be multidisciplinary in nature so that all aspects of the project are shaped up in a real manner. The solutions need to be thoughtful, innovative and finally showcased in front of jury of international repute.

    Come join the innovation revolution “NOVATE 2019” at Chitkara University.

NOVATE Verticals


Scope: CUPB has adopted five villages in its vicinity, CUHP has adopted three such villages in its vicinity and CIS also works in various social service projects. There are many problems being faced by these communities and also by the society that we live in. Many of these require Engineering solutions – some short term and the others long term. Others may require creating awareness, filling communication gaps, deploying information at right places at right time.

The problems will be static on the website of EPICS, till their solution is found out and deployed.

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Scope: Across its three campuses – CUPB, CUHP and CIS, there is a community of 10000 students, faculty and staff. In its day-to-day and other operations, the campus administration faces a multitude of problems. These problems require engineering solutions. Through EPIP we bring these problems to the table, curate them to become design statements. Faculty and students to come together and propose solutions (most of them interdisciplinary in nature) to compete in Chitkara University’s Annual Problem Solving Challenge – NOVATE each year in April – May.

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