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Registration process NOVATE 2018

Registration under NOVATE Verticals is open for all students, staff and Faculty members of CUPB, CUHP.

The process for competing in NOVATE is divided into three phases starting for January 5th. However, the teams would be working on the problems under Engineering Exploration Courses. The teams who are deemed to be fit for participating in NOVATE from respective departments of CUPB & CUHP will be required to complete the following phases within the deadlines.

Expression of Interest
(5th – 10th January 2018)

Team Details (Team leader, Team Members), Problem description, Solution scope (Full problem/ Module), Overview of the proposed solution, Tentative Budget

Final Show Down
(April - May 2018)

Final prototype Display

Phase Wise Project Criteria

Phase 1 – Submission of Expression of Interest Criteria taken into account:
  • Bold, innovative and original idea of the solution proposed (40%);
  • Depth of research, elaboration on already existing solutions(10%);
  • Feasibility of implementation of the solution proposed(10%);
  • Clarity of thoughts (20%)
  • Multidisciplinary composition of the team (20%)
*If there is a need, the team may be called for a short presentation based on their EoI or an interaction.

Phase 2 – Submission of Proof of Concept Criteria taken into account:
  • Bold, innovative and original idea of the solution proposed (50%)
  • All dimensions of the problem are tackled (20%)
  • Simplicity / Complexity of the solution proposed (10%)
  • Elaboration on the technical aspects and related matters (10%);
  • Quality of presentation – lab model / 3D model / otherwise (10%)

Phase 3 – Prototype and Final Showdown Criteria taken into account:
  • Working prototype / Static demonstrative prototype (40%)
  • Deployment ease (20%)
  • Readiness of Prototype to become MVP (Minimum Viable Product) (40%)


Take away for students: Each year, best performers in EPICS/EPIP vertical will have option to work on paid summer internship in CEED / CURIN. Extraordinary performers qualify to work on one year paid internship in CEED / CURIN in their IV Year. Thus, the students can work through this vertical from I Year to III Year to actually find a solution to the problem and also earn credit for their project.

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