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Engineering Projects for solving Campus Problems (EPIP)

Scope: Across its three campuses – CUPB, CUHP and CIS, there is a community of 10000 students, faculty and staff. In its day-to-day and other operations, the campus administration faces a multitude of problems. These problems require engineering solutions. Through EPIP we bring these problems to the table, curate them to become design statements. Faculty and students to come together and propose solutions (most of them interdisciplinary in nature) to compete in Chitkara University’s Annual Problem Solving Challenge – NOVATE each year in April – May.

The problems will be static on the website of NOVATE, till their solution is found out and deployed. Such problems will then be removed from NOVATE portal and new ones will be added.

Assessment and Evaluation: If a student chooses this vertical, he will have to work on either the chosen and identified problem as a whole or on a part of it, as deemed fit by the department / mentor faculty. The projects will be assessed / evaluated (for academic purpose) by a committee constituted by the department. Best problem solutions from various semesters / streams can combine together to participate in the annual problem Solving challenge – NOVATE by April end / early May to compete for the prizes.

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