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Scope: CUPB has adopted five villages in its vicinity, CUHP has adopted three such villages in its vicinity and CIS also works in various social service projects. There are many problems being faced by these communities and also by the society that we live in. Many of these require Engineering solutions – some short term and the others long term. Others may require creating awareness, filling communication gaps, deploying information at right places at right time.

The problems will be static on the website of EPICS, till their solution is found out and deployed. Such problems will then be removed from EPICS portal and new ones will be added.

Assessment and Evaluation: : If a student chooses this vertical, he will have to work on either the chosen and identified problem as a whole or on a part of it, as deemed fit by the department / mentor faculty. The projects will be assessed / evaluated (for academic purpose) by a committee constituted by the department. Best problem solutions from various semesters / streams can combine together to participate in the Annual Problem solving Challenge NOVATE.

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